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NFC and RFID Mobile Sensor Technology



GoSense Wireless Stat-ID™ sensor technology is based on ultra low-power electronics that provides stand-alone data collection from integral sensors, automatic data storage, and on-demand or real-time contactless transfer of sensor data to NFC-enabled mobile computing devices such as Smartphones, tablets or computers or to RFID readers.

§   Sensor is configured with Smartphone, tablet or PC

§   The sample interval and storage parameters are programmable

§   Sensor gathers and stores data autonomously

§   Sensor is powered from a coin cell or energy harvester device (EHD)

§   Sensor has unique ID and password to prevent unauthorised access

§   Stored data can be uploaded (e.g. to the cloud) by Smartphone, tablet, PC or RFID reader

§   Sensor is reconfigurable and reusable

§   Long battery life



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Designed for mobile and fixed installations where autonomous sensing & data logging is required.

Standard product range includes sensors for:

§   temperature

§   pressure

§   humidity

§   tilt - orientation

§   vibration – motion - acceleration

§   light



NFC Partner

GoSense Wireless selects Melexis B.V. as technology provider for NFC and RFID integrated circuit technology and is a Melexis wireless sensing partner.  Read more ..


About Melexis

Melexis combines RF, RFID, sensing and high voltage technologies into unique “systems on a chip”. Thus, Melexis provides customers with highly differentiated products.  Melexis pushes for a wider standardisation of radio protocols as well as of encryption algorithms for RKE/ PKE/ TPMS.  In industrial markets, Melexis provides ICs in home and building automation equipment, like garage door openers, security systems, access control and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR).  Read more ..




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