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GoSense Wireless

GoSense Wireless Ltd is a privately owned technology company located near the city of Cambridge, UK.  GoSense Wireless develops mobile wireless sensors.

The sensors are NFC-enabled for communication to an intranet, the internet, or the “Cloud” through an NFC gateway on a Smartphone or tablet or other mobile computing device.

GoSense Wireless technology can contribute to reducing the installation costs and carbon footprint of multisensor deployments.

The company was founded in January 2011 to exploit intellectual property and know-how in sensors, RFID and precision instrumentation.

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GoSense Wireless Ltd develops low-power wireless sensor nodes for professional and business-to-business markets.

These unique products are a key enabler of the “Sensor Internet of Things” and find application in different industrial and commercial settings.

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GoSense Wireless designs and manufactures standard and OEM sensor products as well as application specific products that are built to customer requirements.

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