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GoSense Wireless Ltd is a technology company registered in the city of Cambridge, UK.  GoSense Wireless develops fully integrated data systems for valuable asset labelling and monitoring, based on a proprietary digital sensor-tag solution.

GoSense Wireless digital sensor-tags are NFC-enabled for communication to secure modular databases, hosted on an intranet, the internet, or in the “Cloud” through an NFC gateway on a Smartphone or tablet or other mobile computing device.

The company was founded in 2011 to exploit intellectual property and know-how in sensing, data analytics, NFC and precision instrumentation.

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GoSense Wireless Ltd develops secure modular data systems for valuable asset labelling based on proprietary NFC sensor-tag solutions.  The company serves professional and business markets.

GoSense Wireless NFC sensor-tags are used in different industrial and commercial settings, primarily for tagging and monitoring the condition status and microenvironment of valuable assets over extended periods of time.

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GoSense Wireless designs and manufactures all of its products in the UK and the EU.

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